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Inexpensive Wall Art for Big Impact

If you're anything like me, being cooped up at home 24/7 has you looking for ways to upgrade your space. Also, if you're anything like me, you're being financially impacted by COVID-19 and need these upgrades to cost as little as possible. Art is a great way to breathe new life into your design scheme, but if you've ever tried to get a piece custom-framed, you probably remember the sticker shock all too well. I recently framed two prints at Michaels, and while the prints themselves were modestly priced at $35 apiece, the matting and framing came to nearly $400...and that was with a 40% discount coupon, no less! Luckily, that custom framing became my birthday present from my wonderful parents, otherwise I might've thought twice.

Below, I've rounded up a few alternatives that deliver big style for less than half the price of a custom framing job. For prints, I found seven great options on Etsy -- a mix of physical prints for $50 or less, as well as a few digital downloads for under $7 that you can have printed in whichever size you choose. I now find myself looking around for empty wall space in my loft so I can acquire all seven of these prints immediately, if not sooner:

Clockwise from top:

Number 6 print: $5.90 for digital download

Butterfly print: $50 for 16''x20'' on fine art paper

Custom name print: $29.57 for 16.5''x11.7'' on card stock (and it's from a London artist, so that's automatically cool.)

Geode print: $5.90 for digital download

X print: $6.55 for digital download

Woman print: $6.00 for digital download

Buffalo print: $5.89 for digital download

Then, instead of custom framing, I'm suggesting the simple, clean, pre-fab Ribba frame from Ikea to house your new art (see below). This frame comes in matte black and white, and they offer several sizes to fit whichever size print you choose. Personally, I think the 16''x20'' and 19.75''x27.5'' frames make a really cool impact on your walls, especially if you hang two prints side by side as a pair. It can look interesting to mix a horizontal orientation with a vertical orientation too. I also love displaying a pair of prints on a simple, clean picture ledge to add one more grounding element. CB2 has fantastic ledges in gunmetal, lacquer, and lucite finishes.

Believe me, there are hundreds if not thousands more fantastic artists and prints besides these on Etsy, so take your time browsing. I've also seen some decent pre-fab frames at Michaels and Hobby Lobby, so those are worth a look too if you don't love the Ikea option. Enjoy!

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