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Pet Gear That Won't Kill Your Vibe

If you're anything like me, you have kind of a "thing" going in your home. You've spent years curating your furniture and accessories, honing your color palette, and maybe even using PowerPoint to mastermind your design scheme. (No? No one? Okie dokie.)

Then you bring a pet into your life. Sure, the pet itself might complement your home beautifully, and maybe he even made it onto your PowerPoint so you could make sure he went with everything in your apartment (the PowerPoint thing has gotten weirder now? Ok.) But once you've found your new little best friend -- the most important part, of course -- you have to shop for all the necessary accoutrements you'll need. That's where things get a little grim.

For some reason, dog beds seem to only come in the following colors: Sad Beige, Gross Brown, or Deeply Offensive Plaid. Most pet/baby gates are the cheapest-looking things you can imagine and are scientifically proven to kill your vibe. And many dog bowls are regrettably adorned with either paw prints or the word "woof".

As someone who's four months into dog ownership, I've been busily scouting for gear that actually jives with (and dare I say, adds to?) the look of my space.

The first step I took in building out my Frenchie's kit was to pick a color palette that mirrored what I already had in my home, then I built from there. I also tried to blend different textures to create more interest, just like I would with any other piece of furniture or accessory. I'm showing you samples of the things I bought in my blue, orange, and cool neutral palette, but many of the items I'm highlighting below come in a range of colors, so you can customize your picks to work with what you already have.

Does my dog care one (literal) lick about the design integrity of his gear? Of course not. Does this post make me look like I have serious mental problems and a great deal of time on my hands? 100%. But I'll bet a few other people have similar neuroses about how their home looks, and this one's for them. See below for a few ideas, and happy hunting! :)

Clockwise, from top left:

Sheepskin Crate Liner, $16.99-$42.99 depending on size

Leash, $20.11

Food & Water Bowls, $12.28

Jacket, $26.99

Pet Gate/Exercise Pen, $50.89 (yes, you pay a slight premium for color, but I think it's worth it!)

Dog Bed, $95-$229 depending on size (these beds are handcrafted in the US with ethically-sourced materials, hence the bigger price tag)

Rope Toy: $3.99

Set of 3 Balls: $13.95

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